Recommendations for Students

Each team will identify a business as its digital marketing consulting client. Online resources for client search are listed as the following:

(1) Portland commerce member list:

(2) Westbrook & Gorham commerce member list:

(3) Gorham Business Exchange:

1. Digital Marketing Analytics Components (recommended)

The final Digital Marketing Analytics Project typically includes the following recommended components:

(1) Client Brief (keep this part short): Provide an overview of your client’s business and a brief discussion of its overall marketing strategies. What product/service does this business offer? What is the target market? Who are major competitors? What is the business’s positioning?

(2) Digital Marketing Situation Analysis: What are targeted consumers’ digital behaviors and needs? What is your client’s digital marketing presence? What are its competitors’ digital marketing presences?

(3) Goals and Strategies: Propose the strategic goals of your digital marketing plan; Develop a list of keywords that can be used in your digital marketing efforts; Choose which strategies to achieve the goals and develop specific approaches for the chosen strategies.

(4) Implementation: You provide a tool specific tactics for the implantation of your digital marketing strategies. What are specific tactics of using search engine marketing, social media marketing, on-line display advertising, and email marketing?

(5) Measurement and Tuning: You select tools to track, measure, and evaluate your digital marketing activities. What are key performance indicators for your measurement against your strategic goals? What is the relationship between social media activities and market performance? How are you going to tune up your digital marketing plan based on analysis of your experimental efforts?

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